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Author | Artist | Advocate
Certified Therapeutic Arts Life Coach

Ms. Broadway is an Atlanta native with a professional background in social work, diversity and inclusion, and public administration; earning a Bachelors Social Work from Georgia State University and a Masters of Public Administration from American University.

As a modern dancer and creative artist for over twenty years, Ms. Broadway has led therapeutic workshops geared towards resiliency and self-empowerment. Ms. Broadway is a certified Therapeutic Arts Life Coach from Transformation Academy, who supports mental health causes as a second career.  She aspires to become a certified Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator by the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.


Ms. Broadway began her work in therapeutic arts in 2001 by working for various social service entities that served at-risk in metro Atlanta, GA.  Ms. Broadway’s interest in therapeutic arts emerged while interning at Several Dancers Core (SDC) in Decatur, GA.  SDC is a dance company that partnered with a city program entitled Cool Girls Inc.  Cool Girls Inc. was a social empowerment program that served at-risk girls of Atlanta through group therapy and enrichment programs by partnerships with local non-profit agencies.  In 2002, Ms. Broadway worked closely with the SDC Program Coordinator and co-facilitated youth empowerment classes for the Cool Girls Inc. program, which consisted of modern dance and group therapy sessions.  


 In 2003, Ms. Broadway worked as a teacher assistant for the STARS program at the Center for the Visual Impaired in Atlanta, GA.  The STARS program was an arts based program that served children with disabilities. Through this program, Ms. Broadway heighten her level of cultural sensitivity by learning how to get surpass her feelings of empathy and focusing on the children and fulfilling the kids desire to just have fun!  The same year, Ms. Broadway was accepted into the Teacher’s Training Institute at Atlanta Ballet where she was trained to integrate the arts with cognitive development curriculums for children and adolescents. Ms. Broadway received a honorable mentioned award from Clark Atlanta University poetry contest in 2003 for her original poem, "I am a Rose." 


 From 2008 to 2010, Ms. Broadway volunteered at Moving in the Spirit, which is a performing arts company in Atlanta that empowers youth to become leaders within their community. Moving in the Spirit focuses on building leadership skills, self-esteem, and positive decision-making through the art of dance. As a Junior Company cheerleader at Moving in The Spirit, Ms. Broadway’s motivated and mentored middle school aged girls through dance and social empowerment.    


In 2009, Ms. Broadway catapulted both her passion for therapeutic arts and professional career when she independently developed and implemented a research based Dance Therapy program at Elks Aidmore Children's Center, a group home facility for at-risk girls, ages 11 – 21 in Conyers, GA. This program was accepted into the Georgia State University’s Undergraduate Research Conference in 2010, where Ms. Broadway share the impact of therapy arts programs among disadvantaged youth.   Ms. Broadway went on to develop other arts based programs in tandem with her career in diversity and program management, while earning a Bachelors in Social Work. 


In 2011, Ms. Broadway set out to further her career in social services and program development by moving to Washington D.C. to pursue her Master’s in Public Administration.  She was motivated to broaden her knowledge and skill sets to continue to create promising programs for our younger generation.


Ms. Broadway volunteered her services at a D.C. high school after school program, where she facilitated an arts based leadership workshop with teenage girls.  Ms. Broadway also worked as an Operations Fellow, at an organization who serves teen survivors of human trafficking, called FAIR Girls. During her time as a fellow, Ms. Broadway secured several in-kind donations from local sponsors, supported the jewelry economic program, and built lasting relationships with the survivors she worked with.  


After working in social services and witnessing the positive impact of therapeutic empowerment services among diverse populations, Ms.  Broadway decided to launch the Faceless Closure Project in 2013.  This project is an arts-based initiative to raise the awareness about the impact of self-reflection, Christian practices, and therapeutic arts, in the hope of empowering others to utilize this form of therapy in their everyday lives.  The Faceless Closure Project consisted of spoken word performances by Ms.  Broadway at Bus Boys & Poets in the metro Washington, D.C. area; and monthly promotions on internal wellness via social media and blogs, paintings, poetry, and silent films.


Ms. Broadway moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2017, working among the military community, and actively commits her time to support holistic wellness causes. 

The introverted author, released her debut book, Faceless Closure: Healing Begins from Within in March 2019.  She engages with her readers through personal stories, paintings, and poetry (including interactive poetry via silent films on YouTube). 

Check out this interactive read and learn more about the author at

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